Why Do I Have Basement Rust in Delaware OH?

Basement Rust in Delaware OH Have you noticed basement rust forming on any metal objects stored in your basement? The presence of rust is an indication of high levels of moisture in the basement. How basement rust is formed Rust can be defined as a form of corrosion. It is the result of a chemical […]

4 Invaluable Tips for Effective Basement Storage

Basement Storage What comes to mind when you think of your basement? Most likely, you have just cringed thinking of that space you derogatory refer to as ‘down there’. Surprisingly, effective basement storage can revolutionize your indoors if you are ready to think outside the box. Why Care about Your Basement? Basement Health Association (BHA) […]

Basement Waterproofing Against Winter Storms

Basement Waterproofing Dealing with drastic changes in temperature can be challenging especially when it comes to protecting your basement. Winter storms particularly offer homeowners a big challenge when it comes to basement waterproofing. However, there are various simple things you can do to prevent damage to your basement. Preventative Measures With climate change, weather can […]