Basement Waterproofing For Winter Storms Columbus, OH

Basement Waterproofing

Dealing with drastic changes in temperature can be challenging especially when it comes to protecting your basement. Winter storms particularly offer homeowners a big challenge when it comes to basement waterproofing. However, there are various simple things you can do to prevent damage to your basement.

Preventative Measures

With climate change, weather can be unpredictable. It can be stressful wondering what kind of damage your basement is experiencing while you sit through a winter storm. By applying the following preventative measures, you can actually enjoy the storm.

  1. Clean the gutters

This will help to prevent melting snow from pooling near the foundation of your house and causing damage to the foundation walls.

  1. Sealing cracks in foundation walls

Now is a great time to deal with those foundation cracks. Get in touch with a professional to inspect the foundation cracks and determine the best way to deal with them. Have them sealed to prevent leaking when the winter comes around.

  1. Improving exterior drainage

How does water drain off your landscape? Winter storms resulting from melting snow often cause a problem because the water has nowhere to go. Ensure that run off is guided to storm water drains by installing drainage systems on your landscape. This will help to prevent damage to your foundation as a result of increased hydrostatic pressure.

  1. Protect the pipes in your foundation

Many modern homes have service pipes running underneath the concrete foundation. These pipes are prone to expansion and contraction as temperatures change. Water pipes are especially dangerous as water expands when it freezes and may cause pipes to burst. Burst pipes can cause flooding of your basement.

You can prevent the flooding of your basement by protecting these pipes. You may want to install insulating material such as sand or dirt to keep the pipes from expanding or contracting rapidly. Keep the basement space heated to prevent the cold from causing damage to any pipes running beneath the foundation.

  1. Insulate exposed pipes

Pipes that run on the exterior of the home or within the basement should be insulated. Use pipe wrap or other forms of insulation to protect these pipes from exposure to extreme changes in temperature.

  1. Drain outdoor water features and hoses

Go a step further by draining hoses and other outdoor water features. This will prevent the features from being damaged by the expansion of water as it freezes.

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