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by GH, Springfield on Everdry Columbus

It took us longer than it should have to figure out why this city is named Springfield. After many years of trying to stem the flow, we discovered Everdry. It is so pleasant to go to sleep at night and not worry about whether or not we should just install a diving board in our basement. The company came out and fixed our bane of existence in just a day, Taking out and then replanting bushes and flowers is not in my job description, but it is for Everdry. We have sung the praises of Everdry to everyone we know who has water problems. The employees are punctual, friendly, and competent about floods, wake zones, and dikes. Be assured that contracting with Everdry is money well spent in home value and loss of stress.

by J. H. Springfield on Everdry Columbus

We have slept more soundly since we have had Everdry repair our basement. They are courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable about their work. When we call (usually about sump pumps), they come as quickly as possible. I would recommend this company to anyone, and have done so, especially to those who have had water problems. Personally, we are sitting on a lost ocean, but Everdry keeps us safe, and, more importantly, dry.

by CA - Dublin OH on Everdry Columbus
Basement Waterproofing

The crew which did my basement & foundation waterproofing were very professional and courteous. Work was completed in 2 1/2 days. I would definitely recommend this company to others.I read the reviews listed below, once Spring is here I'll know if the installed system works.I am confident if I have a problem Everdry would respond quickly and remedy the situation.

by susan emswiler on Everdry Columbus
Couldn't be happier

Everdry did an amazing job water-proofing my basement and making it feel and smell clean and dry. The atmosphere is so much fresher, and I don't dread going to the basement after a rain, because I have seen no evidence of water since the job was done. The workers were prompt, courteous and professional, and the job was finished before the time they told me it would be. I am completely happy with the outcome. SE, Columbus, 43214

by Kenneth & Lynda Cain on Everdry Columbus

In January, 2012, we noticed our carpet was damp in basement. We called EverDry and they promptly came and gave us an estimate for repair. The day they started work it was 0 degrees but the crew got right to work. They finished the job quickly and kept the dust to a minimum considering the situation. To this day, we have not experienced any problem with their work.They repaired the wall and replaced all the drainage tile under the concrete. Installed a new sump pump w/battery backup and installed a Breathe-right system.We would recommend them.

by Jason Sinclair on Everdry Columbus
Nice and dry

Just purchased a home which had EverDry mitigations done within the last couple of years. The repairs were to fix a completely flooded basement. After several major rain storms and some localized flooding around our area, I'm happy to say our basement is nice and bone dry. They were also quite helpful and thorough with any questions I've had for them, including when we installed a radon mitigation system (wanted to make sure I did that within warranty requirements). I am thankful for the peace of mind, and look forward to finishing our basement soon so we can enjoy the extra living space.

by Vanessa on Everdry Columbus
Its been one year

It has been one year since we had our basement work completed. The basement is dry and comfortable, no longer is there a damp smell or feel. It was a very good investment for our home.

by John Jakmides on Everdry Columbus
Very solid

  1. Everdry did some pretty extensive work on our basement, which had serious flooding issues. They used stable wall on three of the walls (which were bowed to the extent that one of the other companies we got a quote from suggested that they needed to be completely rebuilt) and put up waterproofing all around. Though we did have a few subsequent flooding issues, Everydry always came out quickly to fix the issue and never even suggested that anything might not be fully covered by their warranty. This was big for me - I understand that sometimes everything isn't going to be perfect the first time done (especially with something like major wall repairs / basement flooding since there isn't really a good way to test it until it actually rains), but because the warranty covers everything they are obviously very motivated to get it right so they don't have to spend out of their pockets to fix it again later. Since they came back out to do their touch up repairs, we've had several very heavy rains and have not had any water in the basement. I would definitely recommend them, and would just caution that it would be wise after repairs are done to wait until after a heavy rain to confirm there are no issues that need follow up before doing carpet/etc. They will be great about fixing the issue, but I can see where that might still be a problem if things get ruined because they get put in before there is a big rainfall to test everything.

by Kaitlin Parascand on Everdry Columbus
Fast response, great service

I purchased a home last year who had Everdry waterproofing done. I have only had two instances where I needed to call for help on pump and they were so helpful and quick to get someone out to my place both times. Process was quick and workers are always friendly and knowledgeable in what is going on.

Great Service

From sales through the completion of the job all of the EverDry team was knowledgable and professional. I would recommend their services to anyone experiencing a problem basement.

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