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by M.G. on Everdry Columbus
Would Recommend

I had the work done a couple weeks ago. I had the basement done and my sump pump replaced. The crew that came out kept everything clean and tidy as it was before they came. The foreman was very polite and knew what he was doing. The warranty I have in place gives me extra security just in case anything does happen. I am most definitely pleased with the work done and would recommend to anyone in need of this service.

by R. Fields on Everdry Columbus
Long Time Customer

Had work done quite some time ago, 1996 I believe and I had a new Sump Pump put in. The crew showed up on time each day, the foreman answered all my questions to the fullest extent and was very knowledgeable and professional in doing so. Once they were finished they returned everything back to the way it was before they started which I definitely appreciated. I have also had no problems since then. So to say the least, I am very pleased and would recommend Everdry to anyone who asks.

by Jay D on Everdry Columbus
Very pleased

We had a good experience with them they stand by your warranty when something went wrong they came right out and took care of it and it was good customer service

by Christopher F. on Everdry Columbus
Happy so far.

The crew was timely with the work that was completed.Any questions I had were answered in a very professional manner. I got my crawlspace done last September and I haven’t had any problems since then. I also really enjoy the security of the warranty, so if anything does happen, I know it will be taken care of promptly.

by Helen Duncan on Everdry Columbus

Was worried at first with how things started out because they tore up the basement and left it for the first day/night. Come end of day 2 everything was back the way it looked when they arrived. I did have to get a service done about a year after, but have had no water problems since.

by Patricia C. on Everdry Columbus
Very Pleased

We had this service done in 2015 and everything we had problems with went away right after the work was done. I have had only POSITIVE experiences with any employees who came to our home. The crew that worked here made sure to keep everything clean and orderly, which is always appreciated. But I would most definitely recommend this company’s services to anyone in need.

by Del R. on Everdry Columbus
Made up for it.

When the crew came to start the work on my home, they were polite, tidy and answered any questions I had regarding the work. I was not happy at first, but Everdry made up for it. There were a couple issues and thankfully they kept their word to come back and fix anything that was wrong; One of those things being a Backup Battery Pump being installed a couple years back. I had the job done 11 years ago and my basement is still holding up pretty well.

by Marcia Blublaugh on Everdry Columbus
Go for it

We had a new sump pump put in last fall. I thought the crew did an excellent job. The employees were very nice and courteous. Everything was done right, to my satisfaction. I always had a wet basement in the past, and now it isn't. I would highly recommend this service, it is the way to go.

by Debbie Maharg on Everdry Columbus
Thankful for my dry basement

The last time I had service done to my basement had to of been between 7 - 10 years ago. I feel very safe since the waterproofing has been done. I've had absolutely no issues since then. My basement is actually usable.

by J. G. on Everdry Columbus
Recommend to anyone

We moved into this house in '89 and in '92 we had a lot of rain, and I had a lot of mess in the basement. You guys dug inside and out, and the crew knew exactly what they wanted to do. They're efficient and reliable people, they did a great job, they tore up the whole basement and they cleaned up everything.It looked great in there, I would recommend them to anyone. They are good to do business with. I think that's what I would say. I was very grateful for their service.

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