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Indoor Air Quality

As more studies are conducted on indoor air quality, we are learning that things aren’t as we thought they were. We have learned that the air in our homes is in fact more polluted than that outside our homes. We’ve also learned that the sources of pollution vary. Many of the sources of indoor air contaminants include household objects that emit volatile organic compounds.

Whether you’re planning to construct a home or are simply interested in doing all you can to improve indoor air quality, the following steps are easy and moderately priced measures you can take to do just that. They do however require some advanced planning.

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  1. Plan remodeling during the temperate months

Winter and summer months require the use of heating and cooling systems to make the indoor environment comfortable. This often means that windows and doors are shut. The temperate months of the year are therefore a great time to carry out any remodeling in the home. This will allow you to open windows and doors, which allows for the natural circulation of air in and out of the home. Dangerous fumes such as those produced by paint will be removed from the home and therefore ensure better quality air indoors.

  1. Reduce carpeting in the home

Carpets are known to trap particles and various contaminants. They are also known to emit VOCs. If it is possible, invest in floor surfaces that are non-absorptive such as engineered wood or tiling.

If you prefer to have carpets in your home, be careful to ensure that they are cleaned regularly. The vacuum you use should have a High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtering (HEPA) system. This will ensure that contaminants and particles are taken up and removed from the carpet. It is also important to ensure that your carpet remains dry. Any spills should be cleaned and dried as soon as they occur to prevent the growth of mold.

  1. Invest in fresh air intake systems

Many buildings today are constructed for energy efficiency. Air in the interior does not leave the home and air from outside doesn’t enter the space. This applies even if you have a HVAC system.

Invest in a system that will take in air from the outdoors and exhaust stale air from the indoors. This type of system will ensure that you have fresh air replacing stale air inside the home always.



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