Indoor Air Quality – Is Your Pet Making You Sick Delaware, OH

Indoor Air Quality

Have you developed allergies suddenly? Have the symptoms of your allergies become worse? Your adorable pet may be the reason for your health problems.

Pet dander

Pets such as dogs, cats, birds and rodents are known to shed flecks of skin. This is what is known as pet dander. Pet dander causes irritations and allergic reactions in many people. They are an allergen that is easily distributed in the air and therefore compromise indoor air quality.

Other air borne allergens that are produced by pets include pet fur, fecal matter as well as dried saliva. Dried saliva can flake off surfaces and become airborne. It results in allergic reactions in some people when inhaled. Dust from dried feces can be easily distributed in the air, causing allergic reactions when inhaled.

Best friends, or not?

There are some pets that cause a bigger problem than others when it comes to compromising indoor air quality. Cats have been shown to be the worst culprits when it comes to the production of allergens. Twice the numbers of people in the US are allergic to cats compared to those allergic to dogs. The reasons for this are unclear.

In general, animals that have fur are the most culpable of carrying allergens. Apart from fur and skin flakes, these animals carry dust from the outdoors that may have allergens such as dust mites. If you can, it is better to invest in a pet that does not have fur. These animals will contribute less to pet dander and indoor air pollution. Remember that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic pet. All pets contribute to the level of allergens in the home.

Why you should be concerned

Your pet may be your best friend, but they may be causing you to have poor health. Allergens from pets can trigger asthma or make its symptoms worse. Some people develop respiratory problems including difficulty in breathing, congestion and chest tightness. Other symptoms of exposure to allergens include eczema, watery eyes, rashes and itching.

The best way to control allergens from pets is to remove the pet from the home. Another great way is to ensure that the home is cleaned and ventilated. A whole house ventilation system that exhausts indoor air out of the home and brings in fresh air from the outdoors can help to reduce the concentration of allergens circulating in the air within the home.