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Rust In Your Basement

Have you noticed basement rust forming on any metal objects stored in your basement? The presence of rust is an indication of high levels of moisture in the basement.

How basement rust is formed

Rust can be defined as a form of corrosion. It is the result of a chemical reaction. In order for the reaction to take place, various elements should be present. These are iron, water and oxygen. Iron may be present in its pure form or contained in any metal piece such as steel.

Basement rust is the result of the formation of iron oxide. This emerges when the iron in steel or other metal pieces combines with oxygen. You may be wondering why some steel beams don’t rust while others do if they are all exposed to the oxygen in the air. The simple answer is that the reaction to form iron oxide is only possible in the presence of water.

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What does this mean for my basement?

If you have spotted rust in your basement, there are several implications for your basement.

  1. Your basement is humid

High levels of humidity can result in the formation of rust. The air moisture condenses when it comes into contact with the cold metal surface to form water droplets. This creates the perfect environment for the formation of rust.

  1. Your basement has a seepage problem

If you’ve spotted rust on the lower parts of steel beams or metal pieces, you may have a water seepage problem. This may indicate the need for waterproofing your basement. It is important to get in touch with a waterproofing contractor as soon as possible and ensure that the space is made water proof to prevent further damage.

  1. Your basement may have a leak

Do you have pipes and other service lines running through your basement? The rusting could be a sign that there is a leak in a service line. Have your pipes and service lines checked for leaks. Have them insulated too to prevent condensation on the surface of these lines.

The presence of basement rust is often an indication of high levels of moisture in the basement. It is important to have the water problem attended to as soon as possible. Dealing with rust is much easier than dealing with more serious problems that could arise if the water problem is not attended to immediately.

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