Crawlspace Waterproofing-Choosing Crawlspace Covers Marysville, OH

If you’re considering crawlspace waterproofing, you will be faced with various decisions. One such decision is what type of crawl space cover to have installed in the space.

What is a crawl space cover?

The crawl space is an important part of the home. It is not only the foundation of the home but also the space through which many utilities in the home can be accessed. Therefore, an access point is necessary when considering crawlspace waterproofing through encapsulation. This access point is covered using a crawl space cover.

Crawl space covers were once a requirement of building codes. However, research has shown that these covers may cause moisture problems especially if you live in an area with humid climate. They are no longer a requirement and many homeowners do without them. However, they are still necessary if you need a point of access for repairs of utilities in the crawl space.

The following are tips for choosing crawl space covers if you need one:

  • Size

Covers come in different sizes. It is essential that you select the right size to ensure that the crawl space is sealed securely. This will protect the space from floods as well as other moisture related problems.

  • Closing

If you live in an area where the climate shows extremes in winter and summer, you will need a cover that will completely close off the crawl space especially in the winter. This cover should seal the crawl space and protect it from flooding in the winter.

  • Waterproofing

The cover you select should provide the crawlspace with protection from moisture. There should be no difference between other areas of the encapsulation and the cove.

  • Lightweight

The cover should be lightweight. The material should be light enough to be easily lifted out of the way when access to the crawl space is required.

  • Access

The cover should be large enough to allow an adult to comfortably access the crawl space. Ensure that the cover meets your needs for accessing the crawl space if you have other special needs such as storage of items.

  • Temperature

Choose a cover that can withstand the conditions in the area you live in. The cover should not crack or become damaged when conditions in your area change. It should be able to withstand changes in weather as well as temperature fluctuations.

Don’t go for the cheapest cover. Choose a cover that is not only durable and long lasting but also meets all your needs. Consult with a crawlspace waterproofing contractor to ensure you make the right choice.