Causes Of Sump Pump Failure Columbus OH

Battery Backup Sump Pump – Columbus OH

Many homeowners hardly think of the condition of their sump pump until they hear a whirr and a clunk indicating that the pump has stopped working. Some won’t even notice until they discover a flooded basement after a storm.

Sump pumps are a necessity for those with basements especially in areas that are often hit by heavy snow, rains and floods. However, like any other machinery, they are prone to failure. Having a battery backup sump pump ensures that even if the primary sump pump fails, you have a second line of defense against basement flooding.

What Could Go Wrong?

Many homeowners are over confident in the capabilities of their primary sump pumps. They don’t believe it is necessary to have a battery backup sump pump. However, even the best sump pump can fail. The following are instances in which sump pumps can fail to work and a secondary pump would be beneficial:

  • Faulty Or Stuck Float Switch

When the water level in the sump basin rises to a set level, the sump pump turns on. This is as a result of the float switch. However, if the float switch is stuck or faulty, it will not activate the sump pump. This results in flooding.

  • Low Capacity Sump Pump

Not all sump pumps are created the same. Many homeowners make the mistake of purchasing a sump pump based on the cost. However, an inexpensive pump is often a low capacity one. These pumps will fail when they are required to pump large volumes of water continuously.

Even larger pumps with greater horsepower can fail following continuous use. It therefore pays to have a backup plan.

  • Power Failure

During thunderstorms, it is not uncommon to have power outages. Because primary sump pumps are connected to the mains power, they will go off when there is a power outage. It therefore is important to have a secondary sump pump that is battery powered. This sump pump will continue pumping water out of the basement until power is restored and the primary pump can take over.

  • Wear And Tear

Pumps are like any other machine. They will succumb to the wear and tear of use. Moving parts especially are prone to wear out. You may not notice this until the pump fails. This may be in the middle of a storm. Your secondary pump can take over until you get the opportunity to have the parts replaced on your primary pump.

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