Bowed Basement Walls: The Shocking Truth about Foundation Damage Columbus, OH

That small crack in your foundation is nothing, right? Many residential and commercial property owners assume this statement to be true each day. It’s easy to overlook a tiny, hairline crack, but any foundation expert will tell you that little cracks eventually turn into big ones. Before you start experiencing bowed basement walls or a misaligned floor, you need to have someone assess the damage.

Cracks and water: A dangerous combination

Water is your home’s worst enemy. If it seeps into your house, moisture will eventually leave a trail of damage. You may find mold growing on the walls, dry rotting baseboards, or even peeling paint. In the worst cases, bowed basement walls may form. Structural damage will cost you a pretty penny, so you need to keep water out at all costs. Bowed Basement Walls | Columbus, OH | Everdry Waterproofing Of Columbus

But what does this have to do with a small crack? That seemingly benign crack often means you already have foundation damage. Cracks begin to form whenever the foundation shifts and puts too much pressure on the home’s frame. Moisture is the leading cause of a moving foundation, and cracks are evidence that you already have a wet basement.

The lifecycle of basement wall cracks

Water damage happens all year long. During the wet season, cracks form, and water begins to seep inside. When winter hits, the water freezes and expands. This action makes tiny cracks grow in magnitude. As the crevice widens, more water can get inside. The cycle will continue to repeat itself. The basement walls will eventually fail unless you choose to repair the damage.

The right and wrong way to repair wall cracks

Wall cracks don’t magically disappear over time. Instead, they spread and grow longer and wider. Before you know it, your wall is unstable and dangerous. If you put off foundation repair for too long, you may come back to find your entire building has collapsed.

DIY projects are all the rage right now, but no one should ever attempt to repair their foundation without the right training and tools. It’s a massive undertaking that only an expert should tackle. While it may tempt you to patch the cracks, that’s like putting a band aid on a broken bone. It only covers the problem for a short while. The damage will keep getting worse.

Whether you own a house or a commercial property, you need to make sure your foundation is in competent hands. Look for a company that offers both interior and exterior basement waterproofing. Keeping water out of your home will prevent bowed basement walls and make for a more comfortable living space.

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