Crawlspace Waterproofing – Turning Your Crawlspace into a Useful Space Columbus, OH


Crawl Space Waterproofing | Columbus, OH


Who wouldn’t like to have more space in their home? No matter how big your home is, there is always room for more. Even people living in what would be considered large homes wish they could have more space.

However, not everyone has the option to expand the square footage of their homes and that isn’t such a bad thing. The fact is that you probably don’t need to expand your home in order to get that extra square footage. The space is actually already there. You just need to take a closer look.

Creating a usable crawlspace

Crawlspaces are often not considered as functional spaces in the home. This is because they are often dirty and damp places filled with rodents, insects, mold and other pests. However, with crawlspace waterproofing, you can turn this dirty dark space into a usable space.

Crawl Space Waterproofing | Columbus, OH

Here is how you can achieve this:

  1. Inspect the crawlspace

Don’t dive into crawlspace waterproofing before you have the space inspected. This step will help you get a better understanding of the available space and what needs to be done in it. It will reveal issues such as mold infestations or the presence of rodents that need to be dealt with prior to waterproofing the space.

  1. Contain moisture sources

The next step is to identify sources of moisture and contain them. Some common sources of crawlspace moisture include clogged gutters, high water tables, leaking pipes and HVACs vented into the crawlspace. It is important to address all the sources of moisture in order to keep the crawlspace dry even after encapsulating it.

  1. Encapsulate the crawlspace

This often involves the installation of a waterproof barrier on the crawlspace walls and floor. It encloses the crawlspace completely from the surrounding environment. Your crawlspace will remain clean and dry as a result.

Making use of the crawlspace

Once waterproofing has been completed, you may use the crawlspace for various applications. Many people use their crawlspace as additional storage space. They store items that they don’t use often in the space. Your crawlspace can also be used as an extra bedroom, living room, game room or just about anything else.

It is important to discuss your plans for the crawlspace with the waterproofing contractor prior to commencing the waterproofing. Some applications may require additional work done. For example, you may need to excavate the crawlspace in order to convert it into a living space.


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