How To Deal With Basement Moisture in Lancaster OH

Basement Moisture in Lancaster OH

If you are like most homeowners, dealing with your unfinished basement is the last thing you want to think about. They say out of sight, out of mind, and this is as an approach most homeowners adopt when handling this living space. The biggest problem with this space is basement moisture, which discourages most homeowners from finishing their basements.

Risk of Moisture in the Basement

If you are thinking of the best home improvement ideas, dealing with moisture in your basement should be at the top of your plans for many good reasons. Failure to deal with water in your basement poses health risks to occupants and also compromises the structural integrity of the foundation. Through waterproofing and ventilating your basement, you can get extra space, which can be transformed into a kids’ play room, games room, study area, home gym or a guest room.

The E-Z Breathe™ Advantage

If you have a basement remodeling project coming up, it is advisable to invest in the new E-Z Breathe™ ventilation system to permanently deal with basement moisture. While there are many ventilation systems in the market, most of them are not effective. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that indoor air can be 100X more polluted than the worst outdoor air and this shows how ineffective some of the ventilation systems are.

The E-Z Breathe™ ventilation system works ingeniously by drawing stale moist air out of your home and bringing in fresh dry air. This cycle of removal and replenishment happens several times to ensure the desired level of humidity is maintained in the basement. The main advantage of this whole house air ventilation unit is the fact that it does not circulate pollutants inside the house like most other units do.

Other advantages of the new E-Z Breathe™ system include:

  1. Versatile operation: It maintains optimal humidity levels, removed odors, eliminates pollutants, protects against mold growth and improves overall indoor air quality (IAQ).
  2. Easy installation and maintenance: The system is easy to install and doesn’t require any specialized maintenance. It is also energy efficient and saves you a lot of money in home maintenance by cutting your energy bill.
  3. Quiet operations: The system is quieter as opposed to some of the ventilation units in the market, making it ideal for any type of living space.
  4. Larger capacity: This system has a larger capacity and is able to do the work of seven ordinary dehumidifiers.

If you are trying to deal with basement moisture, the E-Z Breathe™ ventilation system will come in handy by helping you reclaim this space and make it more habitable.

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