Easy Steps You Can Take to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Hilliard, OH

Indoor air quality is an important part of having a healthy and happy home. Poor air quality can increase the risk of respiratory infections and worsen allergies. To ensure that the indoor air quality in your home is at its peak, here are a few steps you can take:


  1. Keep your home clean

Keeping your home clean is the first step to improving your indoor air quality. You should especially focus on cleaning methods that will reduce dust, pet dander, and mold, which are all common allergy triggers and can have a negative effect on your health.

  • Clear all clutter that can trap dust and trigger allergies.
  • Clean bedding, linens, and towels on a regular basis. This will remove any pet dander and dust. Wash at 130 degrees F and consider using dust mite-proof covers on pillows and mattresses.
  • Vacuum floors and rugs one to two times a week with a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. Consider replacing any wall-to-wall carpeting with hardwood flooring.


  1. Invest in an air purifier and change filters Indoor air quality | Hilliard, OH | Everdry Waterproofing Of Columbus

If you are allergic to certain indoor allergens, such as pet dander, you will want to consider investing in a good quality air purifier. Place the air purifier in the most commonly used areas of the home to help remove any allergens and improve overall indoor air quality.


In rooms that tend to be damper, such as the bathroom and basement, consider getting a dehumidifier. This will reduce the overall humidity in these areas, which will help reduce the risk of mold growth. If you see any mold in the bathroom, for example in the shower, be sure to remove it.


Change your filters on your forced-air heating system and air conditioners on a regular basis. This will help keep dust and other airborne irritants in check, and help reduce the potential of them becoming airborne.


  1. Keep your greenery outside

Plants are pretty, and some may improve indoor air quality. However, many trigger allergies, so if that is a problem in your household, you will want to move any plants you have out to your yard. Some plants can also provide a conducive place for mold to grow. To reduce the risk of mold growing in your home, keep these plants outside.


In addition to these tips, you should also try to open your windows for a few minutes every day, even in the colder months. This will allow fresh air to circulate inside and more contaminants back outdoors.

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