4 Invaluable Tips for Effective Basement Storage

Basement Storage

What comes to mind when you think of your basement? Most likely, you have just cringed thinking of that space you derogatory refer to as ‘down there’. Surprisingly, effective basement storage can revolutionize your indoors if you are ready to think outside the box.

Why Care about Your Basement?

Basement Health Association (BHA) reckons that poor storage constitutes 86% of all basement problems that modern homes experience. With poor storage, you can expect disorganized space, mold growth due to lack of air flow and general deplorable state of this space. With such conditions, your home loses value while also jeopardizing overall health of your family.

Getting the Most out of Your Basement

In the modern real estate market, every inch of indoor space is invaluable. You can make room for a playroom down there and make your home more livable by following these simple tips:

  1. Planning Your Basement

However, large or small your basement it is imperative to have zones before you embark on storing items. You must have a specific zone for utilities including furnace, washing machine, dryers and water heater among other appliances.

You should also designate an area for play or other living activities including workshop area and finally a storage area for items such as fishing and sporting gear, garage tools among other paraphernalia.

  1. Basement Storage Organization

Now that you have outlines areas where everything will go, you need to pack items that are to be stored very neatly. This is where wrapping and packaging materials come in handy. Some items can fit into containers without any danger of spillage and this is where you should start.

The basic idea is to ensure you utilize as little space as possible without ruining your items. Nevertheless, you must consider safety and you should thus avoid piling items too high to avert accidents. Another critical aspect in organizing these items is accessibility, which means tools that are regularly in use should be at the forefront while items can be stored out of sight.

  1. Eliminate Clutter

Self-Storage Association (SSA) says that cluttering makes up 90% of the problems homeowners have in these spaces. As such, make sure to de-clutter this space, which experts have cited as the most basic start in utilizing it. It is understandable that some items are of sentimental value but is your teenage bike really of any value to you today?

  1. Store Like a Pro

Effective basement storage is all about easing access, creating room and making finding of items less tedious. As such, use professional packing materials such as plastic and not cardboard, label and inventory every package. Remember keep items off the floor.

Well, it might sound easy but using a professional to assist you in the process is the only sure way of winning back your basement from oblivion.