Foundation Repair – Common Ways Homeowners Get Ripped off | London, OH

The thought of foundation repair is a nightmare for many homeowners. This is because of the many reports of shady operators in the industry. However, learning the most common tricks that these shady operators use is a great way to prevent you from getting ripped off.

  1. Overselling

This is one of the most common rip offs homeowners suffer when it comes to foundation repair. It is often the case when a sales man who earns a commission from sales tries to sell you a repair system. They will try to sell you much more than you actually need for your foundation.

For example, if your foundation repair requires only 3 piers installed, the salesman may exaggerate and make you invest in 4 piers. You will spend much more than you needed to with no added advantage.

  1. Rubbish warranties

Foundation repair and repair systems are not cheap. It always pays to ensure that the contractor offers a warranty for their work. However, it is good to ensure that these warranties are actually worth something.

Look out for contractors that offer you a lifetime warranty or a warranty of more than 50 years. Don’t be sucked into investing in a lifetime warranty. You will only spend more money, but are not likely to reap the benefits of the investment.

A good warranty is likely to be no more than 10 years. This will cover the failure of the repair system, which is likely to occur within the first two years. Extra-long warranties are often worth nothing.

  1. Homemade repair systems

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Foundation repair systems such as foundation piers are manufactured by national companies that have spent a lot of money and time on research, development and quality control to produce the high-quality and effective systems. Many of these systems are therefore not cheap. However, they are worth every penny spent on them.

You should therefore not take the risk of cutting corners to buy a cheap system that is homemade by your local contractor. These systems are likely to be ineffective, untested and unsafe. You will thus be putting your home and life at risk.

  1. Incompetent contractors

It is important to check the background of the contractor you are interested in hiring before you actually hire them. Check for references and reviews from past clients on independent websites. You will be able to determine whether they are competent and can actually do the job well.