What You Need To Know About Foundation Wall Cracks in Delaware OH

Foundation Wall Cracks in Delaware OH

One of the most common foundation problems is cracking. According to the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA), a large percentage of the projects their members handle has to do with foundation wall cracks. These experts argue that while some of these cracks might appear too small to pose any danger, it is important to immediately consult a foundation contractor if you notice any cracking.

As a homeowner, it is important to be protective in protecting your investment and this includes checking for cracks and calling in an expert for a diagnostic inspection. Among the most effective solutions to such damage is the Stabl-Wall™.

The Risk of Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks differ in appearance and the danger they pose. The fact that you don’t have the expertise to determine which type of damage your foundation is suffering from makes it important to act sooner than later.

Some of the risks associated with foundation cracking include:

  1. Water seepage: If your home has a basement, there is great danger of water entry if foundation cracks are not repaired. During floods, water damage can cause devastation and property damage making it crucial to initiate repairs early.
  2. Health risks: Foundation cracks allow water and moisture entry, which provides an ideal environment for mold growth. Mold spores are allergens and they cause respiratory health complications and skin and eye irritation.
  3. Structural damage: The presence of a foundation crack can indicate underlying foundation problems. Such problems include bowing and bulging walls and with continued water entry, the foundation’s integrity becomes compromised. Worse still, water entry damages wooden joists and metal fasteners that add strength to the foundation.
  4. Diminished home value: Potential home buyers will be turned away by an appraisal that includes foundation damage, hence the need to invest in professional foundation repairs using the best system in the market.

Leveraging Stabl-Wall™ Foundation Repairs

Stabl-Wall™ is one of the most effective strategies to permanently deal with foundation wall cracks. This is a foundation repair system that includes carbon fiber sheets bonded to affected walls using a special adhesive. Carbon fiber has been found to be 10X stronger than steel, which guarantees durability of the repairs.

Better still, the bonded walls cannot move further and this adds to the strength of your foundation. Stabl-Wall™ is also easy to install without extensive excavations that are labor intensive, risky and expensive. This is one of the few foundation crack repairs that won’t affect the aesthetic appeal of your house because the carbon fiber sheets can be painted over.

Call in a foundation contractor if you notice any sign of foundation wall cracks and enquire further about Stabl-Wall™ repair.