Timely Crawlspace Repair – Signs You Need Crawlspace Waterproofing | Hilliard, OH

If you are committed to ensuring the safety and health of your property, you’ll want to stay on top of all repairs required. However, this isn’t always easy. The need for repairs can often go unnoticed, especially when it comes to the crawlspace.

Many homeowners find out they need to invest in crawlspace waterproofing when a lot damage to their properties has already occurred. They then have to spend a lot of money on the repairs.  Looking out for the early signs that you need to repair your crawlspace can help you avoid this.

Signs that you need to invest in crawlspace waterproofing 

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  1. An uneven floor

Drooping or slanting of the floor is an indication of serious foundation issues. You may notice that items on wheels don’t stay in place or water that has spilled on the floor flows in a certain direction.

  1. A musty odor

Is there a musty smell in your home? This is often the first noticeable sign of mold or mildew infestations. The odor isn’t the only problem you should be worried about. Mold can pose a health risk. It’s not only important to invest in mold remediation services but also to have your crawlspace repaired.

  1. Pools of water

A sure sign that your crawlspace needs to be waterproofed is the pooling of water in the space. It is important to determine the source of the water and deal with it as part of the waterproofing. Water in crawlspaces may come from groundwater, leaking pipes or poor drainage of the landscape. Dealing with the source of water will prevent more water from pooling in the crawlspace.

  1. Cold floors

While floors may often feel cool to the touch, they shouldn’t be cold when you’re heating your home or when the weather is warm. If your floors are unusually cool, you should consider investing in crawlspace waterproofing.

  1. Your energy bills are suddenly higher

Have your energy bills increased suddenly? Your crawlspace may be the reason. Your home could be losing or gaining heat through the air flowing into and out of your home through the crawlspace. Having space waterproofed can help to make your home more energy-efficient.

It’s important to have your crawlspace inspected by a professional contractor if you suspect that there are issues that need to be resolved. They can provide you with a comprehensive solution that offers long term benefits.

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