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Tips for After Repairing Cracked Foundations

Repairing cracked foundations isn’t a cheap venture. In fact, it can put a big dent in your finances depending on how extensive the damage to your foundation is and the type of repair that has to be performed. You would therefore want to ensure that the repair lasts for as long as possible.

Aside from ensuring that the repair system applied is suitable for your specific situation and that high quality materials are used, there are several things that homeowners can do to ensure that the repair lasts for as long as possible.

  1. Fix plumbing leaks

Plumbing leaks are one of the most common causes of foundation damage. The leaking water is absorbed by the soil and causes the soil to swell. This results in the application of pressure against the foundation walls.

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Have your plumbing checked to ensure that there are no leaks. This will cut off the supply of moisture to the soil and prevent it from swelling and putting pressure on the foundation walls.

  1. Repair your downspouts and gutters

Another common cause of foundation damage is poor drainage of runoff from the roof. Water that drains near the foundation will result in high hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls.

Have your gutters and downspouts checked. Ensure that they are cleaned and any leaks repaired. They should collect water efficiently and drain it far away from the foundation.

  1. Regrade your landscape

Foundation damage can also occur when water in the soil flows towards the foundation. This situation can be corrected by checking the grading of your landscape and ensuring that it slopes away from the foundation. This will encourage water to flow away from the foundation.

  1. Water your lawn in dry seasons

When soil loses moisture it shrinks. This results in the soil surrounding the foundation moving away from the foundation. The foundation walls therefore lose the support that they had from the soil. You can minimize the chances of the foundation walls collapsing even after foundation repair by watering your lawn during the dry seasons.

  1. Clear vegetation near the foundation

The roots of trees and shrubs can cause damage to foundation walls. If you want to ensure that you won’t have to invest in repairing cracked foundations any time soon, clear the vegetation around the foundation. Get the roots out of the ground too.

These tips will help you maintain the benefits that you experience with foundation repair for the long term.

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