Wet Basements and Bugs | Delaware, OH

Wet Basement and Bugs

Have you noticed an increase in bugs in and around your home? Are they especially concentrated around your foundation? It could be a totally harmless situation. Or it could be because of your wet basement.

Four bugs that may indicate a need for foundation repair

No one likes bugs or pests, especially when they invade the home in large numbers. However, there may be much more to your bug infestation than just being a plain old nuisance. You could be dealing with foundation problem.

The following are four bugs that thrive in moist environments and are often an indication of a wet basement that needs your attention.

  1. Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are a common occurrence outside homes. They are in many cases black in color. However, you may come across yellowish or reddish ants. They thrive in moist environments and often make their nests in rotting logs. Their nests are often found in wood that has been exposed to a lot of moisture. The presence of a carpenter ant infestation is therefore a clear warning of high levels of moisture in your foundation.

  1. Termites

These dreaded bugs love to feast on cellulose, an organic compound that makes up the molecular structure of plant and wood matter. These bugs thrive in environments that are damp. They can cause serious structural damage to wooden structures in your foundation.

  1. PillBugs

Often referred to as rolly pollies, these are bugs that roll up into a ball when you touch them. They thrive in moist and dark areas and are often found in damp foundations. They are able to survive in wet environments as they are crustaceans and not insects. They therefore have gills that help them breathe even when submerged in water.

Although these bugs are totally harmless to humans, they can damage small plants. They are also a menace when it comes to the wooden structure of the home’s foundation.

  1. Carpenter bees

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The female bees are the problem. They are known to burrow through wood. They do this to build nests. They use any material they deem suitable in making their nest. Like the other bugs listed here, they prefer damp environments. They can be found in any part of the home including decks, foundations, and even furniture.

Getting rid of any of the bugs listed above requires a long treatment plan. You can prevent infestation or help to improve remediation results by keeping your foundation dry.