Will the Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair Be Visible? | Newark, OH

Will the Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair Be Visible?

When homeowners are seeking foundation repair solutions, one of the questions on their minds is whether the foundation repair will be visible afterward. Carbon fiber foundation repair has grown in popularity over the years for various reasons. Primary amongst this is that the repair is not obvious when completed.

Practically invisible

Carbon fiber foundation repair is a great choice for foundation stabilization for many reasons.

  • Carbon fiber straps lay flat to the wall

The straps are fixed onto the wall. They are practically part of the wall. This ensures that you can finish the wall in any way you like, including installing wall panels or drywall over the wall.

  • This repair is non-obtrusive


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One of the main disadvantages of stabilizing the wall using steel I-beams is that these beams are installed into the floor to provide support for the wall. You will therefore have to sacrifice some of your floor space for the steel beams.

Carbon fiber on the other hand is installed onto the wall. The straps or strips won’t take up any of your floor space. You can therefore enjoy the benefit of having the entire basement floor available for any plan you may have.

  • The surface is ready for bonding

You won’t have to carry out any special preparation for the carbon fiber straps in order to bond your finish of choice to it. Carbon fiber straps offer ready surfaces for whatever finish you prefer. This reduces the time and cost for finishing your basement.

  • They can be installed on curved walls

Carbon fiber foundation repair is especially beneficial if you have curved walls in your basement. These straps and strips can conform to curved surfaces. You can therefore have them installed to any curved wall without compromising the aesthetic value of the architectural design.

  • They can be painted over

If you need to paint over the carbon fiber straps to achieve a smooth clean look, you can do so without any worries. The straps and strips provide a surface that can be treated just as your walls. No special preparation is required. The result will be a smooth finish that ensures that no one will suspect that you invested in foundation repair at any point in time.

Carbon fiber repair certainly is superior to other foundation repair options. However, it is important to talk to a professional contractor to ensure that it is the right option for you.