4 Common Foundation Repair Myths to Be Wary Of Dublin, OH

Where can you get information about foundation damage and repair? The answer: the internet of course. Today’s homeowner is lucky to have easy access to such a large amount of information. Homeowners are able to make informed choices as a result. The only problem is that there’s also a lot of incorrect information circulating the web.

If you’re not careful and end up basing a decision on false information, you could put your investment (i.e. your property) in danger. We’ve taken the time to identify some of the most common myths about foundation repair circulating the internet.

Foundation Repair | Dublin, OH

  1. Foundation repair is expensive

This isn’t always true. You can expect to pay thousands of dollars for repair on a foundation with extensive damage. However, if you catch the problem early and invest in repair as soon as possible, you will find that you won’t spend much. The repairs will be less invasive and will cost less. You’ll also avoid major damage on your foundation and thereby save money in the long run.

  1. You should never purchase a home that needs foundation repair

This is the general advice that potential buyers receive when searching for a property to purchase. While the state of the foundation ought to play a role in your decision to purchase, it shouldn’t deter you from buying a home if you are interested in the property. Foundation problems can be fixed. You can use the need for repair to bargain for a better price on the property. The repair may cost much less than the discount offered for the sale of the property.

  1. Filling foundation cracks resolves the problem

Filling the cracks will help to stop water from penetrating the foundation temporarily. But water will continue to collect on the outside surface of the foundation if the issue is not addressed properly. This will result in increased pressure against the foundation walls. More cracks will form in the wall to let the water through. In some cases, the wall may even collapse as a result of the increased pressure.

  1. The location of the cracks is where the source of the damage is located

Cracks are only a symptom of the problem. They don’t tell the whole story. Foundation cracks are often the result of a combination of problems. Repair of a cracked foundation therefore requires proper diagnosis. This begins with a thorough inspection of your property by a professional to identify the trouble spots.

Don’t fall for these myths. Get in touch with a professional to address your foundation problems.