Basement Waterproofing – Three Signs That Your Home Needs It in Delaware, OH

While there are many telltale signs of water damage in the basement, such as puddles of water forming on the floor, some early signs are not as easy to detect. There are some signs that are not as obvious, and homeowners should keep an eye out for them when checking their basement. If you notice any of these signs, it may mean you have a problem that needs to be resolved. Once fixed, you should invest in high-quality basement waterproofing to prevent these issues in the future. basement waterproofing | Hilliard, OH | Everdry Waterproofing Of Columbus

  1. You find cracks in the walls

Discovering cracks in the walls or ceilings may be a sign of water damage, even if you do not find any water. Typically, this could also indicate damage in your home’s foundation. Left alone, it will impact the structural integrity of your home over time, leading to worse damage that can be costly to repair.

As soon as you notice cracks in your basement, reach out to a contractor to discuss basement waterproofing so that you can be sure that your basement is free from water damage.

  1. You find an excessive amount of insects

Some insects are expected in basements, especially in warmer months or if the basement is unfinished. However, finding a great number of insects should be cause for concern, especially if you find them congregating in a specific area.

Many insect types are drawn to humid environments and high levels of moisture. Therefore, finding a large amount of them in the basement may mean that there is water pooling somewhere, or you have a leaky pipe.

  1. You see mold and mildew forming

Mold and mildew are more obvious signs of water damage than the others, but can still be difficult to see, especially in the early stages of growth. You will want to look all over the basement, including the stairs, ceiling, and walls, for any signs of mold and mildew. Generally, they appear as small black or dark brown spots.

If you ignore the problem, excessive buildup can occur, which can result in serious respiratory problems for both your family and pets. To take care of the issue, invest in professional basement waterproofing.

Basements are a common area for water damage, so it is important to be vigilant so that you can find the problem before it becomes worse. Regularly inspecting your basement for problems and obtaining basement waterproofing services will help keep your basement free of moisture.

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